Pet Friendly Accommodation

Pets (and Humans) are welcome at Lakeland Village!

Lakeland Village has a wide range of pet friendly apartments and cottages that can accommodate all kinds of pets.

Your Pets may be feeling rough, need time for some exercise or just a change of scenery to stretch out by a warm open fire or in the peaceful and tranquil air of the Lake District.

It could be the ideal Dogs life and Purrfect for your cats too.

Lakeland Village have welcomed our visitors pets for the last 34 years and as long as their owners are well-behaved, we can offer Pet Friendly accommodation in the majority of our on-site properties.

Leaving pets behind can not only prove emotionally distressing but the practicality of dog-sitters or nurseries, the impact and reliance on non-travelling family & friends and worse, placing your pet in the hands of strangers, can all affect your relaxing Lake District break.

The Lake District is ideal for walks, scenery, place to run or simply to enjoy the fantastic accommodation, relax and watch the River Leven flow by.

Whatever your Pet friendly requirement you can be sure that Lakeland Village is an ideal place to stay in the Southern Lakes.

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Lakeland Village Pet Friendly Accommodation Policy


Your safety and security are paramount at Lakeland Village and that extends to your furry friends too.

To ensure you thoroughly enjoy your pet visit we do request that all pets are fitted with a collar and identity tag and – specifically in the area of River Leven and Lakeland-Village, we strongly recommend that you keep your Dog on a lead at all times – except of course when in the safety and security of your own accommodation.

We do ask that all pet owners respect our other guests in terms of privacy and noise and we do also request that pets are NOT left unattended in any of the apartments or cottages.

Remember, there are some very strange humans out there we may not like – or even be allergic to certain pets, particularly lively, boisterous, jumpy and perhaps wet and muddy pooches!

The White Water Hotel has a stricter Pet Policy with certain exemptions for Guide Dogs so contact our team to confirm when you book!

As with all holiday resorts, the Lakeland Village management must reserve the right to challenge the owner and in worst cases remove the Pet, if we consider it to be a nuisance or to be adversely affecting or interfering with the general safety, security and enjoyment of our other guests.

Please check with our booking team if you have multiple Pets and if your Pet may be considered a banned or inappropriate breed for our accommodation.

Strange and Unusual Pets

Strange and unusual pets may be welcome at the discretion of Lakeland Village Management – please ensure you contact our booking team PRIOR to arrival.

Note: Additional Charging may apply.

Travelling to Lakeland Village with your Pet!

Travelling with a Pet 

For many guests, your trip to Lakeland Village can be a relatively short hop or a long adventure and planning your trip also means being fully prepared for your pet’s travel needs.

Dogs of course love the open window thrill of wind in their ears and Cats just portray an air of indifference to the whole experience.

Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters and even Children, whatever your travelling party includes, all need food, water and time to stretch legs or just take a break. Be prepared!

Create a check-list for Pet Packing – Toys, Beds and Bowls, First-Aid kits, Leads, ID Tags, Pooper scoopers, bags and FOOD!

Familiar items will help your Pet settle into their new surroundings (image) more easily.

Pet Holiday Packing Checklist

To make your Lakeland Village accommodation a familiar place and smell to ease your pet into any unfamiliar environment, remember to pack:

Beds, Bowls and blankets

Pet Toys and Chews

Leads and Identity Tags 

First aid and Medication

Food and treats

Towels, Cleaning and Grooming supplies (Shampoo for the messy pup)!