Who wants to own a piece of the Lake District!

Let’s be honest; To a certain age group, the very mention of “timeshare” sends people running for the hills with the horror stories of strong-arm sales and legal nightmares!Property Ownership in the Lake District

At Lakeland Village you can relax and unwind and not a nightmare in sight!

Yes: We offer Holiday Ownership

– your own piece of the Lake District –

A World Heritage Status location!


Yes: We have Legal Contracts

– For your protection and security offering clarity and transparency.

Yes: We have members who pay annual maintenance fees

– Your contribution to the maintenance and up-keep of Lakeland-Village.

And yes – you too can be part of the magic and

Yes, you can take the opportunity to own your own piece of the Lake District.

Find out more now: Email using the Contact Us section.

The majority of our guest members have purchased a week holiday here at The Lakeland Village.

Lakeland Village is open 51 weeks of the year, and demand is very seasonal, therefore prices may fluctuate greatly depending on what time of year you would like to purchase.

School holiday months are always viewed as prime time so you can expect prices to peak as availability is likely to be very limited.

You can expect a better deal during the off-peak months.

We aim to give all our owners and visitors here that personal touch so if you would like to discuss the options in more detail please call to discuss your specific requirements.

Depending on availability we may be able to offer you a “trial stay” in one of our properties just to give you a feel for what we have to offer.

In addition to your purchase price you will need to pay an annual Management Fee which covers not only the costs of cleaning and upkeep of the extensive grounds, but also the provision of the leisure club and other hotel facilities as well as contributing to planned and preventative maintenance work.

Many people have enjoyed ownership here for decades and we have many testimonials you can read, so don’t take our word for it.

Check out the map below for location and layout of the 47 properties – and start your ownership journey now – call or email using Contact Us for more information


A – Whitewater Hotel and time share apartments 7 – 18

B – Cascades Leisure Club

C – Coach House

D – Children’s Playground

E – Tennis Courts

Click any of the below properties to email us regarding the property

lakeland village map property 40 property 39 property 38 property 37 property 36 property 35 property 34 property 33 property 32 property 31 property 30 property 29 property 28 property 27 property 26 property 25 property 24 property 23 property 22 property 21 property 20 property 19 property 3 hotel property 6 property 5 property 4 property 2 property 1 property 49 property 48 property 47 property 46 property 45 property 44 property 43 property 42 property 41
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